Kendall Kylie Fashion

Kendall Kylie Fashion
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Keeping you updated with kendall and kylies latest style! Also posting inspired and personal outfits, so check out the 'inspired' tab for inspiration. Make sure you send me any questions or requests you have



Kylie was recently seen wearing this Top with Crossover Neckline, which you can purchase here from Zara for $19.99

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Kylie recently posted a photo on Instagram where she is seen wearing these Remi Shorts, which you can purchase here from Brandy Melville for $17.00

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Anonymous : can you post your recent buys?

of course, here you go xx

Anonymous : Where are Kylie's jeans from on this day? www(.)flawlesskj(.)tumblr(.)com/post/74271037811

do you have a better photo? sorry i can’t clearly see them xx

my-freereality-world : Hi, could you put together some Kylie inspired back to school outfits for me please? X

Here’s a collection, i understand that bits and pieces from these sets won’t be appropriate for school but you can easily substitute them for something more school appropriate xx

Anonymous : Hey, I just moved to an island and I've got invited by some friends at school to go to the movies this Friday so I was wondering if you can give me any kylie style inspired looks that are cheap and from local places like forever 21, pacsun because my island doesn't really have that many stores.

what weather and how casual? xx

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Anonymous : do you have any inspired outfits with the american apparel tennis skirt or the plaid tennis skirt? :)

Here are 1, 2, 3, 4 outfits with regular tennis skirts, so just substitute the american apparel skirts for these ones xx 

Anonymous : Hi do you know what sticker Kylie has on the back of her phone?

I don’t sorry, i will update if i find it xx

Kendall was seen at the VMA’s wearing these Alon Livne pants which are unfortunately not available online

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Kendall was seen at the VMA’s wearing this La Perla Carioca bra which you can purchase here from La Perla  for $254

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Anonymous : I wanna thank you for taking your time to find all those clothes! great job! :)

haha awh thank you so much sorry i’ve been pretty slack lately i need to get back into it xx

Anonymous : do you know kylie's red iphone case is from pls??

 Its moschino, you can get it here xx

liveandlaugh-xo : thanks for replyling beautiful! xx

you’re more than welcome!!
and everyone, sorry i’ve been pretty inactive i’ve been busy lately so ill be back to update a lot soon xx

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liveandlaugh-xo : hey hun! do you know where kendall's peep toe booties are from? the ones which she wore, when she arrived at lax today? xx

they are the Camilla Skovgaard Zaha Open-Toe Booties which are no longer available online unfortunately :( xx 

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Kylie was recently seen on her birthday wearing this For Love & Lemons Giddy Up Faux Suede Dress in Camel which you can purchase here from Boutique To You for $282

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