Kendall Kylie Fashion

Kendall Kylie Fashion
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Keeping you updated with kendall and kylies latest style! Also posting inspired and personal outfits, so check out the 'inspired' tab for inspiration. Make sure you send me any questions or requests you have


Inspired outfit

Links available here

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Anonymous : Yep, thank you. :) Do you have any inspired outfits with black combat boots with leggings and skinny jeans? I love your blog by the way your taste in fashion is amazing.

awh thank you so much!
here, herehere and here also check out the rest of my polyvore sets here, and whenever you see an outfit with black ankle boots, substitute them for black combat boots xx

Kylie inspired spring/summer basic - requested by anon

Links available here

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Anonymous : can you please make a spring/summer basics for kylie please?

i’ll post it on my blog now, but you can find it here on my polyvore xx

Anonymous : do you have anything of kylie and kendall in black combat boots?

do you mean photos? i  just posted a set of photos for you here xx

Kendall and Kylie wearing black combat boots - requested by anon

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Kendall inspired get together outfit

Links available here

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Anonymous : You are honestly the sweetest! Wish we were friends in real life

awh stop thank you!!! inbox me off anon and we can chat xx

Anonymous : where are kylies white and clue sunglasses she wore to coachella from?

You can buy them here from Wildfox xx

Kylie inspired ankle boots for summer - Requested by anon

1. River Island Fire Black Cut Out Gold Buckled Boots (cheaper alternative to the Balenciaga version kendall and kylie wear)

2. H&M Leather boots

3. Timberland Women’s 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

4. Chloé Susanna Studded Leather Buckle Ankle Boots

5. Jaki Multi Buckle Cut Out Boot

6. MONTI Cut Out Leather Boots

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Anonymous : Could you make a post about inspired kylie style ankle booties for summer?

of course, ill post it now xx

Kylie was recently seen day 2 at Coachella wearing this Montreal Cross and Coin Burnished Silver Necklace which you can purchase here from The Gold Barr

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Kylie was recently seen day 3 at Coachella wearing this denim UNIF Ty Skort which you can purchase here from Nasty Gal

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Kendall was recently seen day 3 of Coachella wearing these BLANKNYC High Waist Short in Jizzneyland which you can purchase here from REVOLVE clothing

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everyhillweclimb : kendall and kylie in plaid? :)

i’ll post it now xx